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EnLinc has an end-to-end online solution for all of your company’s business processes.

Applicant Management
   Background Checks
   EEO Reporting
   Fair Credit Act Reporting Compliance
   Job Posting
   Online Application

Benefits Administration 
   Consolidated Billing
   Online Benefit Display For Employees
   Online Benefit Enrollment    
Benefit Plan Administration 
   Dependent Care Accounts 
   Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) 
   Health  Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) 
   Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
   Transportation & Qualified Parking 
Compliance Management 
Human Resources 
   FMLA Tracking    
   Online Form Center 
   Online Personal Files
   Vacation & PTO Tracking 
   Online Time Clock

Payroll - EnLinc has teamed up with Millennium Payroll Service Bureaus to provide clients with a cost effective, easy to use, and comprehensive payroll / HR solution. Our online end-to-end completely integrated payroll solution, is making payroll headaches a thing of the past.

Our standard online time clocks, Biometric clocks, Web Cam and Swipe Card clocks are all available options and are accessible to your employees via our portal. Your employees will have access through their own home page to review their punches and notify you of any changes. At payroll time, your employees’ hours are already totaled and ready for submission to payroll. Our easy to use system eliminates the need to spreadsheet and manually total hours, which takes too much of your valuable time.
EnLinc is a comprehensive online HR management system that tracks and delivers employee data and facilitates the employer-communication.
Through a user friendly online interface, employers can track items including vacation, PTO, FMLA, EEO - 1, I-9, employee data, benefit enrollment, and much more. 

EnLinc gives employers a venue to deliver customized information to your employees, including benefits, handbooks, procedure manuals, training materials, and forms. By giving employees online access to this material 24/7, your HR department eliminates time consuming inquires, allowing them to focus on core HR management issues.