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. Ensure knowledge of new    legislative governance
. Reduce the cost of duplication of effort within the firm
. Provide detailed auditable information to management
. Provides you with an executive 'dashboard'
. Increases collaboration within the corporation
. Consolidate auditing of benefit costs and labor costs
. Instant update of all reports for real time employee management from recruit to retirement
. Consolidate all web communication
. Shorten time frames for deploying employee management solutions within the firm
. Empower all C level management, line manages and employee users to manage their information
. Avoid traditional application lock in with open standards architecture
. Free-up expensive IT personal from HR applications to concentrate on their core job
. Reduce costs of redundant data entry and multiple system purchases for each department
. Avoid the cost of IT staff to support and deploy each new purchase
. Have a centralized repository of all employee information and manage all HR documents
. Automate employees HR/Benefits transactions and processes
. An auditable environment to create real time reports for employee management, benefits costs, time & labor distribution and more
. Deploy ESS (Employee self service) to reduce costs and free up time to help make HR a strategic part of the bottom line
. Reduce costs associated with paper benefits enrollment and management
. Improve HIPAA compliance
. Improve the communication, tracking and delivery of company policies and procedures
EnLinc represents an integrated META Portal strategy for organizing and deploying all HR, Benefits, Benefits Enrollment, Time and Attendance and Payroll functions balancing the Employment management needs and workflow processing functions of the employer and its employees

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