ROI Calculator
Step 1
Please enter the $ values for the following: (Please contact at for more details)
Average per employee per month charge: ($5 per employee)
One time setup charge: ($15 per employee x # of Employees)
# of employees (FT and PT):
# of full time staff working on HR:
Average annual salary of HR staff:
Step 2
Please estimate the number of hours spent by the entire HR/Benefits and Payroll Department each month on the following activities:
  Hours/Month Monthly Cost
Job applicant / Recruiting processing: $0.00
HR risk management (ADA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA etc): $0.00
Performance review: $0.00
Payroll processing: $0.00
Managing employee personal data: $0.00
HR reporting (Strategic reports for senior Management): $0.00
HR management (New Hire, Terms, etc.): $0.00
Compliance documents management (I-9, W-4 etc): $0.00
Benefit enrollment (and Post Enrollment) activities: $0.00
Step 3
Please estimate the number of hours spent by the entire HR/Benefits and Payroll Department each Year on the following activities:
  Hours/Year Yearly Cost
Time and Attendance: $0.00
Managers HR training: $0.00
Total benefits/compensation statements: $0.00
HR strategic planning: $0.00
Step 4 - ROI Analysis
Manual management tasks are costing your HR department the following soft costs annually:
First year estimated cost of using the EnLinc HRIMS is:
First year estimated cost savings using the HRIMS is expected to be (Based on 50% time/cost savings)*:
Under these assumptions, the HRIMS will pay for itself in the following number of months:
Ongoing annual cost of using the EnLinc HRIMS system:
Your ongoing (after first year) annual estimated cost savings using the EnLinc HRIMS is expected to be:
*Based on U.S. government statistics, an average 300-person company with a 22 percent turnover generates about 3,300 new-hire and termination documents per year. These documents include HR forms such as I-9's, reviews, time cards, W-4's, resumes, confidentiality agreements, non-complete contracts, HIPAA information, insurance applications and so forth. 

  • The average document is either physically or electronically copied as many as 11 times.  The cost of this activity is approximately $23.
  • The average document costs about $25 to file.
  • The average cost of retrieving a misfiled document is about $153.  Furthermore, approximately 25% of all misplaced documents are never found.

According to an ROI study conducted by Cedar Enterprise Solutions (Baltimore 2005), an HR consultancy, online system implementation will deliver the following savings: a 50 percent reduction in cycle time, a 60 percent reduction in cost per transaction, a 75 percent reduction in inquiries made directly to HR and a 100 percent payback in one year.

Make your own comparison of HRIMS features vs. other HR systems