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The Broker Solution contract is for individuals looking for an online benefits management, enrollment and HR management system for their clients, without a lot of up front costs.
This program offers you the chance to earn revenue commissions, while providing value-added payroll and HR solutions to your clients and other business owners. Brokers can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors.
The Business Associate contract allows your agency to offer your clients the latest technology tools, clients will not only gain new products and services from your organization, they will gain administrative efficiencies and the ability to more strategically manage their benefit package and HR processes across their enterprise.

Competitors are offering stand alone systems that do not talk to each other versus you will be able to offer one-entry hire-to-retire, benefits-to-payroll integrated solutions that will place you in the forefront of services provided by the insurance industry.
You can evolve from an insurance product provider or niche service provider, to a comprehensive strategic benefits/HR and payroll partner.
VAR - Value Added Reseller contract is for agencies looking for a completely integrated benefits/HR/Payroll META-portal that they can control and manage for their clients. Integrated Meta Portals and the sharing of information has made the concept of an isolated application system whether it be a stand alone Benefit Enrollment System, Time and Attendance Tracking System, HRIMS System, online Payroll system or a Database that does not update and share information a very costly and outdated decision for your clients. You will be able to differentiate yourself against your competitors by offering a fully integrated solution option that essentially raises-the-bar for all HRIMS/Benefit/and Payroll systems to be the Gold-Standard in terms of what sophisticated agencies and their customers will demand.

Contact sales at 1-888-832-8428 for more details, or email us at info@enlinc.com